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Project Description

Welding stud ceramic ferrules are made from a cordierite composition which possesses properties that make it ideal for stud welding. Cordierite holds a low thermal expansion as well as low thermal shock. Ceramic ferrules can go from ambient temperature to weld temperature in a split second and resist cracking or exploding.

Ceramic ferrule is important for stud welding.
a. Helps to shield the arc from the operator.

b. Minimizes the atmosphere that the flux must purge.

c. Forms the molten metal into the fillet.

d. The fillet vents allow weld gases to escape.

  • High rigidity
    The main raw materials are talc, clay, alumina, feldspar, etc. It is made with general ceramic technology. The wintering range is narrow, the sintering temperature and cordierite decomposition temperature are only a few degrees, and it is difficult to obtain the dense body.
  •  Strong wear resistance
    Often uses the chlorite, magnesium carbonate, barium carbonate, zirconium silicate, zirconium dioxide, boron trioxide, spodumene as the additive, can reduce the sintering temperature, expanding the scope of the sintering temperature, and to improve the dielectric performance.
    High-quality lighter
    It can be used as the coil skeleton, the electric insulation material of arc resistance, the base material of the composite material, the material of the burner nozzle of the electric heat insulation device, etc.