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Project Description

  • Drywall screws are used in wood or metal stud which is in order to secure drywall to a substrate. With sharp threads that enable the lightning fast insertion of the screws into drywall and structure.
  •  The is bugle heads which enables drywall screws to embed themselves in the drywall, resulting in a flush or recessed finish so that it can be filled with a filling substance and then give a smooth finish.
  • The best way to use drywall screw is to inserted with an electric screwdriver accompanied by a drywall bit. The drywall bit will ensure the screw sits at the correct depth so that it can be filled and painted over.
  •  These screws can also be used for woodworking projects as their coarse thread is perfect when you are working with softwood or man-made boards such as chipboard or plywood.
#6 3.5
#7 3.9
#8 4.2
#10 4.8
  • Surface: gray phosphating or black phosphating
  •  Material: carbon steel or C1022A
  • Perfect expansion and specially designed built-in plug ensures full

expansion of anchor.

  • The test values listed beneath were obtained using 200-250kgs/cm2 Concrete(no aggregated).
  • The safe working load should not exceed 25% of stated values.
  • Dry wall screw coarse thread and fine thread usage

1. Drywall screw coarse thread

The drywall screws with coarse thread can be used to secure drywall to a wood substrate, such as studs or roof branding, as strong holding power is required.

2. Drywall screw fine thread

These versions of the screw are preferred for, and can be used to fasten drywall to metal studs as they will easily cut into the metal and provide better holding power in the thin metal, as opposed to the coarse thread version.

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