Shear Stud Connector AS/NZS

//Shear Stud Connector AS/NZS
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Project Description

Shear stud connector AS/NZS is generally used to connect the fabricated steel slab section with a fabricated steel beam. The connection is made by doing Stud Welding.
shear connectors provide stability to fabricated deck slab and prevent it from moving while concreting

AS/NZS 1554.2:2003

Mechanical Test
Shear studs are also mechanically tested. Bending tests are performed for each order after welding. Shear studs are also tested for elongation and tensile strength using our own testing equipment

Welding Test
Shear stud are regularly weld tested .
The test implies that the stud is bent to an angle of at least 60° or until breakage occurs.

Quality raw material
We choose the quality mild carbon steel from BIG Steel Factory.

Taking M22 for example

Head thickness(mm)

Body diameter(mm)

Forehead diameter(mm)

Being able to determine the chemical composition of the raw materials for shear studs is a must for a good quality end product.

Tensile and yield strength tests are carried out regularly for each order and test certificates are supplied on request.

  • We use qualified carbon steel SWRCH15A, SWRCH18A from Xingtai Iron & Steel COPR., LTD.
  • We do phosphorization pretreatment for the raw material using the drawing machine.
  • We use multi-station cold forging machine to ensure a better mechanical property of welding stud to match various standards such as ISO 13918:2008, AS/NZS 1554.2:2003, AWS D1.1…
  • We use the automatic riveting machine to install an aluminum ball on the end.
  • Because of the good rust prevention, our welding stud can suitable for a long time
    delivery on the sea.