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Project Description

Stud welding machine 1600, Stud welding machine 2500, Stud welding machine 3150 are three types of stud welder, which was designed for high-speed welding stud or similar bolt-on base plate.

a. This stud welder used to weld M6-M32 studs.
b. Two functions: stud welding and MMA welding.
c. The max welding cable length is 50M.

It is widely used in construction, metallurgy, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacture, industry furnace etc, specially used to weld M6-M32 stud, round nails, rectangular nail and Y shape nails.

  • The specially designed main power source, the whole welding process is accurately controlled, the circuit is simplified which increase the welding reliability and stability.
  • The working current and welding time can be preset and adjusted, the adjustment is accurate and reliable.
  • Adopt optimally designed, high performance the sixth generation welding gun SNQ6 which makes all -position welding achieved.
  • Welding gun applied for invention patents” gun cooling device” which highly improved the machine reliability and also reduce the welding spatter and the machine can work 24 hours continually.
  • Combines two functions: stud welding and MMA welding. The transfer of the two function is easy and convenient.