Din 933 are full threaded bolts with a hexagonal or six sided head, DIN931 are part threaded bolts with a hexagonal or six sided head. Surface treatment: Nature; Black; Galvanized. Hex bolts are usually used in fastening wood, steel, and other construction materials for projects such as docks, bridges, highway structures, and buildings and so on. Professional manufacturer: All of our bolts are designed and manufactured according to buyers’ [...]

Drywall Screw


Drywall screws are used in wood or metal stud which is in order to secure drywall to a substrate. With sharp threads that enable the lightning fast insertion of the screws into drywall and structure.  The is bugle heads which enables drywall screws to embed themselves in the drywall, resulting in a flush or recessed finish so that it can be filled with a filling substance and then give a smooth finish. [...]