Stud Welding Introduction

//Stud Welding Introduction

Stud Welding Introduction

Stud welding is a kind of method which connects one side of the stud with the plate surface. With electric striking the arc to melt the surface and give some pressure to finish welding. Arc stud welding with the cheese head welding stud use for high rise steel structure building, industrial building, highway, railway, bridge, tower, car, traffic facilities, airport, station and so on.
Brief introduction

Stud welding is composed of stud welding power and welding gun.

The arc stud welding principle is that ignites the arc between one side of welding stud and plate surface. When the heating temperature between one side of welding stud and plate surface increasing, the stud will be welding on the plate surface with outside pressure. According to differences of welding power, traditional stud welding is distinguished into arc stud welding and capacitive energy storage arc stud welding.


Arc stud welding is a kind of method of welding the stud on the plate surface. There are many kinds of methods about welding, such as draw arc stud welding, stored energy welding, resistance stud welding and so on. There different welding machine of the corresponding, they are drawn arc stud welding machine, stored energy welding machine, resistance stud welding machine.

Stored energy welding machine use large bulk capacitance as the welding power, discharging through a silicon controlled, in a way which is low voltage-strong current make the stud tip melting in a short time, making the stud melting with the plate quickly. At last, the stud welding on the plate stable, The whole process is about1-3ms.
Stored energy welding machine widely used in mental plate project, switchgear, experiment, armarium, food industry, household appliance, communication engineering and so on.


1. Save time and cost
2. All the arc stud welding doesn’t need to drill hole, punching, threading, riveting and finishing.
3. Continuously expand the application potential of the structural design.
4. The weld strength is more than welding stud.
5. After welding no moulage.


1. Low cost
2. Arc stud welding machine and gun is in different types, and they are in low cost.
3. According to the welding products, the welding machine can be in multistage CNC automatic welding machine.

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