Who we are?

//Who we are?

Who we are?

Hi, everyone. Today we are going to introduce welding and our factory.

We are a formal factory and managed more than 40 years. In China there are some building are actually made by us. Let us introduce as follow:
1. The first high-speed maglev railway in Shanghai, China

2.Hening Railway

3. Jiqing Railway

4. Datang Power Matou Power Generation Plant

5. China Railway Corporation(NO.16)

6. China Railway Group Wuhan Bridge Manufacture Co., Ltd

What is the use of stud welding?
Stud welding is a common process of connecting fasteners to metal plates. Using weld bolts, operators can automatically or manually form high strength welds. Therefore, there are many applications of stud welding. Using stud welding to weld stud is a faster and more efficient way to connect fasteners. You can use a series of stud welding techniques to achieve strong adhesion to various metals. This makes it a great welding system for many industrial applications.

Application of stud welding

From mechanical manufacturing to electrical equipment, stud welders are used in a variety of industries. Learn more about industries and fields that benefit from the application of welding technology in the current market:
The car
Stud welding is prized by the automotive industry. This is because accuracy and strength are most important when welding fasteners to the plate. Car makers can use stud welding equipment for automotive applications, including exhaust systems, insulation layers, power steering components, insulation, wiring, and lighting.
The construction
The high strength of the stud weld also makes the welding process applicable to various construction applications. The construction industry uses stud welding in construction, bridge construction, and others. Underground systems, such as water pipes and other underground facilities, also require strong weldings such as safe buildings and roads.
Catering and food processing
Stud welding is ideal for fastening applications, and hygiene is very important, such as catering and food processing projects. Stud welders can be used to attach parts to tables, counters, refrigeration equipment and appliances for food processing and catering. The process does not leave gaps or fouling traps around the base of the welded stud.
Decoration and consumer goods
The invisibility of stud welding makes it a perfect choice for decoration and consumer goods. This includes jewelry, badges, kitchenware and household items, where fasteners should be clean, sleek and durable.
Electrical appliances
Stud welding is also well suited for the electrical items involved in the fastening process. This includes motors, communications equipment, household appliances and various electronic systems. The stud welding machine can be used to fix the fascia board, install the printed circuit board, install the grounding bolt and install the switch and button and other small equipment. In addition, the drawn arc stud welding is suitable for hydraulic pipeline and electric shell.
All kinds of agricultural equipment are made up of stud welders. The versatility of stud welding enables equipment companies to fix supports, cabs, fenders, fenders, spreaders, long teeth, and sheath. Stud welding is also effective for hose and wiring management in these industries.
Furniture assembled using stud welders includes desks, filing cabinets, shelves, and garden furniture for the office or home use.
Heating and ventilation
Stud welding is an ideal method for fixing insulation materials and pipelines. Operators also use stud welding to fix burners and heating elements, install fluid Chambers, and attach flanges, hatches, and covers.
Even the most complex industrial machinery can benefit from stud welding. Large manufacturing companies use our equipment to install mechanical protection, fixed cover and maintenance hatches, installed handles, and fixed air/fluid piping.
Shipbuilding companies use stud welders for wire and cable management, fluid piping, control panels and electrical systems, hatch covers, insulation, decks, etc.
Symbols and letters
Use a stud welding gun or an automatic NC system can engrave mark quickly and efficiently, whether large or small or complex.
The absolute scope of stud welding application is not limited to this! In order to find out whether the stud welding is suitable for your operation and which systems and processes are the best, please contact us.
At last, pls let us know our factory:

Our factory now has hundreds of production equipment. We can do produce, research and test products. We can also make molds for customers’ special requests. Our main products are shear studs, bolts, nuts and so on. Main sizes are from 6mm-25mm, meanwhile, we can produce according to customers’ requests.

Our annual production is more than 10000tons. we have been always followed the purpose of “high-quality, precision, integrity”, continuously developing new products to meet the diverse needs of customers. We will be quality products, preferential prices, to provide our clients with better service.

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